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Life: I Dreamed of You…

Was less a dream actually and more a collection of moments saturated in the musk of remembrance strung together with the frayed strings of the sadness of what will never be. I pulled you to me confidently and you fit perfectly along the contours of my silhouette. I titled your head back ever so slightly with the bridge of my finger and kissed you... A slow, incredibly long all-encompassing kis

Misión de los tontos (Fool’s Errand) Part 2

“In the eye of a hurricane at sea, the ship is pitching, rolling, yawing and surging, so it takes awhile to realize the wind isn’t howling anymore. In fact, it’s stopped completely. You have the momentarily hopeful thought you’ve moved out of the storm. Then you realize only the wind is quiet, but the seas are not getting any smaller, you’re about to get your ass kicked in the very near

Misión de los tontos (Fool’s Errand)

  Preface I can recall the exact moment when pen met paper; my first entry on the first page of my first journal. Since that day, many years have passed and the vast majority are well documented. I say that so you know this is no work of fiction. Every emotion, action and conversation are born of truth. Time often bends memories to fit our own narrative, but ink is the