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Cuba: El Complicado

Cuba is more a complex mixture of sound and emotion than a simple name. It’s an exhale from a sad heart after a fleeting visit with loved ones, tears blurring eyes straining for one last glimpse as Cuba disappears in the distance. It’s the clap of delight after a fiery adios from the sun while on a rooftop overlooking an ocean of decay and neglect. Also, it’s


Normally I visit a new country I’m trying to see as much as possible in the given days I have. Weather didn’t allow that on my trip to Panama. Every single island or beach on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts had a weather forecast of wind and rain. Typically, Panama in late September is a great time to visit, but a series of hurricanes in the region made the weather anything but typical. One ha

Sri Lanka in 8 Nights

While I didn’t have as many outstanding experiences in Sri Lanka as I did in Myanmar, if you visit Sri Lanka, you should definitely try to frequent these establishments or experiences these sites. Colombo - 1 night As I was in Colombo for less than 24 hours I have no suggestions. My hotel for that one night should be a fallback if no other accommodation is available, as in check to

Him Be…

On the upper most peak of Lion’s rock there is a single entrance and exit. It can get congested like evening rush hour as tourists walking up interlace chaotically with the tourists walking down. Waiting my turn to dive into the human commotion I noticed a group of teenage monks doing what teens do, talking a little too loudly, laughing a little too much, and taking

Myanmar in 8 days

It’s probably not the best idea to even attempt to see a country as full of wonders as Myanmar in 8 days. But when you’re not a professional traveler you do what you can when you can. Getting to Myanmar was a journey in itself. A 4 hour train ride to Frankfurt started it off. Then a 10 hour Air China flight from Frankfurt to Beijing, a short layover, then Beijin


Visiting Myanmar is like 2 lovers running into each other again years after the relationship ended on good terms. There’s a strong sensation of familiarity that takes a moment to place where you experienced it before. Then, a gentle pull on your senses and you’re tumbling through a collection of real memories infused with make-believe. That is Myanmar.