I believe that far too often we focus solely on arriving at the destination and not paying attention to how every aspect of the journey has the ability to alter our perceptions and transform our soul.

Madrid new yearsMy name is Carl and I’m a social entrepreneur with a passion for traveling, storytelling and general merrymaking.

I am convinced that we take for granted the importance of human interaction. As a result, my blog is for people interested in the human experience of travel. And who understand that travel is not only a thing to do, but a learning tool. It forces us to deal with our own insecurities and preconceived notions about how life should be.

As someone who realized too late the negative effect of projecting my insecurities on loved ones I’m extremely sensitive to the importance travel has played in my recovery and ability to heal.


17016970_10154608886971339_1998502178551803475_oThis is my personal journey how constantly living outside of my comfort zone led me on a path to FUNomenal Ventures, a sustainable social interaction hub concept.

I hope these posts inspire you to start your own journey and share them. Every journey is a story worth sharing.