Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs, directed in the 1990’s by Quentin Tarantino, was a game changer for me when it came to movies. The disjointed timeline style had me so captivated that as soon as the film ended I went out and bought another ticket to the next showing. For a teenager with not much disposable income that was a massive investment.  For my girlfriend at the time who I couldn’t pay for her ticket for the second showing she was not impressed! But the film was just so, so COOL! What does Reservoir Dogs have to do with A FUNomenal Journey? Well, everything actually.

reservoir dogs

This film did not inspire me to start traveling, what did is a post for another day. However, it will inspire the posting style of A FUNomenal Journey blog. The first time I ever traveled outside of the United States was in 2001 when I lived in Costa Rica. I started writing a “blog” to inform my family and friends where I was in the world. It consisted of an email with observations of the country I was in with some extras of things that really touched me. After time, when internet access became much better, I transferred it to a more public platform. I was regularly posting, until I started my first company, FUNomenal GmbH in 2010. Then with all of the meetings, planning sessions and an extreme bout of depression I fell off in an epic way. I didn’t stop traveling, I just lacked the motivation to document it. As a result, I have a lot of older material that no one has really seen, and a lot of new material to post. Hence the title, Reservoir Dogs. There may be times when there is a post from 2003 when I was living in New Zealand and then the next post is from 2016 when I was in the Philippines. There also may be a post about the depression I went through and what it took to get out of it quickly followed with a post about my new company FUNomenal Ventures UG. It may seem incoherent, but I promise there is a common thread, my personal journey. Sometimes it might be a bit offensive, other times insightful and poignant and hopefully entertaining, but all of it will be real. The most interesting to me is the evolution of my writing style, how I view traveling and the change it creates in me. There are the obvious things like age. Let’s just say my focus changes as I… mature. The more grey hair I get, the less I speak about women and how nice a breakfast a hotel offered. Priorities!

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