Fire the Canon

When I lived in Madrid, Spain years ago I used to have a point and shoot camera. Smartphone cameras have made them almost obsolete now, but then, the investment was worth it. My first year living in Berlin I forgot it at the Sony Center Original Version cinema and never saw it again. Pretty standard result for cameras I’ve had. One was stolen in Costa Rica, another left in a black cab in London and the forgotten one in Berlin. Thanks to improved technology I only had to remember one thing, my phone, and that is now OK for very good photos.

Madrid, Spain

But sometimes OK isn’t enough. I wanted to take it to the next level. Problem is, I have a professional photographer in my family so I’m camera shy. With a more professional camera there is more expectations to take better photos. Also, I’m extremely practical. I understand to truly take amazing photos one has to take off the auto setting and experiment with all the features, or take photography workshop, or just read the manual. Yeah, none of those are going to happen at the moment with my schedule.

Dresden, Germany

I was torn, but in the end, just before my last trip I ended up buying a new camera. I researched, read blogs, asked all of my photography friends and finally settled on a Canon EOS M10. It’s portable, and came with a 15 – 45mm removable lens. For a pro, it’s a basic camera. To a newbie it does what I need it to do, take better quality photos than my smartphone.

Even with it being a basic camera, it still took some time for me to get the hang of it. You can see I start to figure it all out right around the halfway mark of my last vacation; less blurry photos, no fingers in the picture, attempts at composition. Seeing as the camera was under €300 it will go down as one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made…. Until I got back to Berlin and realized I’d shot every image in RAW format. Doh! To you professionals you’re probably thinking, “Well what else would you shoot in??” For us mere mortals that is a giant headache. Forget about the extra SD card I had to buy halfway through the trip because the images took up so much space, but the getting a program that can edit RAW format and learning how to use it properly is a blog post of its own.

My new Canon EOS M10

So, I said all of that to say is that if you feel some photos on my blog look not bad, then it’s pre-Canon and taken with my Samsung S6 or even a point-and-shoot if the trip really was awhile ago. Photos that make you sit up a bit and move your head closer to the screen? Yeah, it’s the Canon EOS M10, Adobe Lightroom and me yelling, “What the f*ck am I doing wrong!?!?” about 4 or 5 times. All of the photos are mine, unless it’s obvious someone took the photo of me. I claim them all, the good and the bad. It’s a journey, and every journey is going to have its ups and downs and random shots of my feet and crotch…

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