A FUNomenal Journey

This is not a typical travel blog. If you are expecting to find a list of hotels or restaurants to visit, this isn’t the place. I figure TripAdvisor or Booking.com can give you a wider selection and in-depth reviews. I also don’t want to visit every single country on the planet. I have a lot of respect for people who want to do that. While accomplishing that would be an impressive feat, I wouldn’t try unless I was certain I’d live a thousand years to fully explore each country. I prefer slow travel. Yes, I travel, but it’s not my profession, it’s more my passion. I steal a weekend here and there and if I’m really lucky a week and if all the planets a line just right, up to 3 weeks.

My blog is about journeys; and not all journeys need travel. Sometimes the greatest journeys can happen in your head and your heart. After all, to travel is to take a journey into yourself. The number of times that travel has forced me to question my own ideals, recognize my own limitations and overcome my fears are too many to count, but I’ll share a few here.

Expect to read observations of cities and countries, funny stories of being totally immersed in completely different cultures, personal failures and triumphs.


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